Thesaurus was an associate at Doraleous & Associates.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Thesaurus is a male human with dark hair and an Australian accent. He repeats his own and others' statements using slightly different words, as though consulting a thesaurus. He follows orders (unlike his predecessor Neebs) and at the Battle of Hyleria he was the only one able to understand Doraleous' signal. Initially he thought Neebs conceited, but on realising Neebs' skill as an archer (and broom salesman?) he was instead in awe of Neebs. He was also contemptuous of the magical duel of Mirdon and Giligorf but Mirdon claimed Thesaurus was affected by the spells and Thesaurus' expression suggests Mirdon might have been right.


Thesaurus is a competent archer and, unlike Neebs, follows orders. At the Battle of Hyleria his archery was crucial in defeating Meelog. However he is not nearly as capable an archer as Neebs, with less range and less impressive trick shots. Thesaurus was also hired on the basis of being able to forage for food in the wilderness but on the one occasion he was asked to do this he was unable to find any. Thesaurus speaks Winded, the language used by people short of breath, yet mispronounces zero as "Neil".


When Doraleous fired Neebs he recruited Thesaurus as a replacement. Thesaurus resigned from Doraleous and Associates to become a Wonderbroom salesman, working for Neebs. This appears to have been part of Neebs' plan to get Doraleous to rehire him.

History Edit

His father died when he was 3.