People, Area, Village or Nation Leaders and Personages Interaction with Doraleous Location Description Episodes
The Lake The Lady of the Lake (only known inhabitant) Annoying refusal to provide Zephyr Blade, some sexual tension with Doraleous Central Dark-haired woman, naked but for water plants acting as fig leaves 1, 10, 44
The Troll Bridge Marty (employee) Refuses to allow passage over bridge unless travellers guess his name Central A large green troll with fangs and a name badge 3, 40
Wetald Village Chief Duglashan (sp, leader), Leslie (champion and war leader) Clients South A poor village. Beige armour, skullcaps with nasal guards, spears, round shields. 4-5, 16, 47
Nanadoo Kingdom King Calas (leader), Titanus (champion), Varicose (champion) Enemies South Grey spiky armour, axes with double triangular blades, spiky shields 4-5, 10, 14,
Mightopolis King Ragthorn (leader), Madame Purdue (fortune teller) Uncooperative potential clients, enemies of the Legapur Nine, custodians of Barat South Huge city plus nearby prison. Red and black armour, grey pot helms, swords, crossbows. 6-7, 15-16, 36
Digger Town Suppliers of magical crystals and digging services Southeast A large open-cut mine. Open jackets, baldrics, skull caps with candles on top. 11, 49
Meh Lord Yahtzee (king) Unccoperatiove potential clients Southeast Black jackets, eared helmets over upper face, swords. The people of Meh are unimpressed by anything and deeply unpopular with all who know them. 12
Odonians Attacked Meh South Not seen close up, trebuchet. 12
Pyramites Thurston (leader), Jerome (chef) Notional clients, Enemies, Attacked Bungars East Charming, generous, evil, and apparently unaware others are likely to find their behaviour (slavery, burning people alive) objectionable. Grey partial armour with yellow ridge, swords, pyramid crests on half-helms. 13
Bungars Defended (pro bono) East Defenceless farming village of pointy-eared people (gnomes? elves?) 13
Elfvania Neeb's Sister (farmer and baby collector) Northeast Not seen.
Cayous Kingdom Jericho (negotiator), Chauncey (negotiator), Ushay(?) (leader) Semi-cooperative clients North Crowns of palm leaves, spears, palm leaf skirts, naked to waist. Willing to allow their negotiators to be killed until none are left. 20
The Gate to the Old World Gurtz (general), Ficus (soldier) Friends, previous employers Northeast Closed helms, light grey armour, red stripe down front, swords 20, 21
Ramparts ? (leader) Attacked Cayous North Grey bodies, white paint, masks, war hammers made of logs, discs in ears 20
Dongo ? (tavern owner), Billiam Wiggledart (playwright) East Town 22-23
Queer Village Rescued (pro bono) West Talk loudly when silence would be wiser. 28
Geigh Kingdom ? (general) Assisted (pro bono) West Cloaks, naked to waist, swords and archers. Have a month long sausage festival every year. Archers, greek-style armour. 26-27, 33
Hyleria ? (princess), ? (prince) Defended (pro bono) Southeast Castle on rocky island, joined to mainland by causeway 29-30
Black Cloaks Attempted Enemies Central Blue shirts, brown kerchiefs, hope to buy black cloaks some day 34
? Broof's Nanna Family West 34
? Meowdusa Monster East Caves 38
Ashbury Norton II (king) Uncooperative potential clients South Fortified city 39, 43-44
? ? (leader), Galliver (dissident) South 42
Georgiana Assisted (pro bono) South Villages 45
? Duke of Welfaré Enemies South Forest. Green shirts and hoods with yellow symbol on front, bows, grey kerchief over mouth. 48