Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation The Associates
Base of Operations Doraleous' Castle
Relatives Unnamed Sister, Multiple Adopted Nieces and Nephews
Occupation Archer
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Brown
Eyes green
Race Elf
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Actor Brent Triplett
Neebs is an elf archer and a member of The Associates.


Neebs is a skinny elf with a brown mullet. Neebs wears a green shirt and has a bow on his back and a quiver hung on his left arm.

Neebs in the title sequence of 'Doraleous and Associates'


Neebs is a very opinionated person and has a habit of stating his mind whenever he wants. He is an enthusiastic self-promoter, eager to spread word of his victories and to imply that they were achieved in honourable combat with a sword, rather than by surprise with a bow. This is strange, because he has pulled off shots during the series that place him as the best bowman in the series, perhaps even the best shot in all of Nudonia (Thesaurus quits out of awe of Neebs's skill with the bow when they have a shoot-off). He is output-oriented, leading to arguments with the process-oriented Doraleous.


Early HistoryEdit

From the location of his sister (who loves babies), we can assume Neebs is from Elfvania.

Neebs was once an archer at the gate of the Old World, alongside Doraleous - who worked as a warrior. But the commanding general, who remembered Doraleous well, apparently didn't remember Neebs at all.

Doraleous and AssociatesEdit

Neebs was with Doraleous at The Gate of the Old World when the idea of Doraleous and Associates was created.

Neebs acted as an Archer within the Associates, and is an excellent shot.

Neebs became famous in Nudonia for slaying Titanus. This happened at the battle of Wetald when Titanus was supposed to fight Broof in single combat.

Titanus then challenged Neebs again at the gates of the Geigh Kingdom. Neebs once again kills Titanus by distracting him with a philosophical question - and shooting 4 arrows into his face.

Neebs was then fired by Doraleous and replaced with Thesaurus. There were many factors leading to Neebs' expulsion - including:

  • Shooting King Callus' two best warriors at the battle of Wetald when the deal was they would face members of the Associates in single combat.
  • Signing Doraleous up to be a gladiator and face a Graboonie.
  • Selling the horses, replacing them with ostriches and spending the money on an inaccurate painting that exaggerated his own role at Wetald.
  • Shooting and then not shooting the Old World Wizard.
  • Approaching an entire Geopi unit and revealing himself and the other associates.
  • Inspiring a play by Billiam Wiggledart, with Neebs as the hero - and Doraleous being a total bitch.

After the Associates, Neebs goes on to be "the best broom salesman in the land", selling Wonderbrooms.

Neebs claims that the Wonderbroom is a better broom, due to the extra long handle and extra bristle count.

While pitching his wonderbroom to a small group of bandits, Neebs meets King Norton of Ushbury, who is being held prisoner. Neebs rescues King Norton, and is rewarded with a position as king and co-ruler of Ushbury.

Notwithstanding all the times he made life difficult for Doraleous, he stuck up for him when Ladder Guy started calling Doraleous names.


"I'm no hero miss, I'm just an everyday broom salesman who killed Titanus twice - with no thanks whatsoever." 

"You know what we call this back in Elfvania? [...] Micromanaging." 

"Today is the first day of the last of your life." 

"I don't know doraleous: