Some attributes
First Bearded
Second Old
Third Funny
Other attributes
Fourth Senile
Fifth Eccentric
Sixth Coot

Mirdon (full name Mirdon W. Dumbledalph the Third) is a wizard and one of the associates.


Mirdon is an elderly human with blue eyes and white eyebrows, moustache and beard. He wears a blue robe with gold trim, soft blue pointy hat with gold trim and gold earrings. His beard is confined by a rainbow-coloured scrunchy. He claims to only own two hats and was very upset when one was stolen. He carries a crooked wooden staff with gold trim and a spherical blue crystal held at the top.

History Edit

Mirdon is 300 years old and was born in Old World, in a time before a great evil drove people south.

Mirdon met Doraleous while living in a cardboard box near Mt. Aeyus, begging for money. As Doraleous was looking for a wizard for his group and saw his staff, he asked Mirdon to show him what he could do and was impressed enough to invite him to join the team.



Mirdon shows signs of senile dementia. He often joins Neebs in irresponsible and selfish behaviour, such as selling team equipment for personal gain.

He does, however, have a softer side, as he loves kittens, owns a teddy bear, and openly cried at Drak's funeral.


Mirdon has used, attempted or claimed to know perhaps fourteen spells:

  • avalanche of inconvenience
  • explosio
  • googleus hugleus
  • lightning
  • metallo dustisi
  • nose whistle of the north
  • power beam
  • screaming cock
  • serpentus limbus
  • Five spells of unknown name.

However, when asked to write down his spells, Mirdon was only able to list four, including power beam, plus two magical recipes. Mirdon also controls enslaved pigeons capable of putting up posters.


"If I was confused I would give up, but this, I'm not as confused as I should be. You guys are affected."

"Oh good damn shit"