The Legapur Nine was a group of powerful warriors who served the city of Legapur. Legapur made an alliance with Mightopolis, in which Mightopolis would fight the Pannonians in the east while the Legapur Nine fought the Sand Pirates in the west. But the king of Mightopolis betrayed Legapur and the Nine returned to find it ruined. Since then the Nine have gone their separate ways, though they partially reunited when the king of Mightopolis hired Meelog to hunt them down.

Known Members Edit

  • Broof (considered the mightiest)
  • Anferny (mocked as the most cowardly)
  • Dethaniel (deceased)
  • Smiff (deceased)
  • Atari

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically, they all wear a belt buckle with a symbol that is similar to the number 8 on it