Ladder Guy was briefly a probationary associate for Doraleous & Associates. Ladder Guy was recruited by Neebs without authorisation from Doraleous, allowed to come along for a trial period by Doraleous, and sacked by Neebs, again unilaterally. Neebs ended up firing him after he insulted Doraleous and the other associates. Later, Ladder Guy joined the forces of the Old World Wizard for his attempt to open Tranny Hole Four.

He carries a ladder around to get to high places. Ladder Guy has an inflated idea of his own importance in particular and/or that of laddering in general. He carries his ladder vertically and refuses to lower it, even when ordered to do so by Doraleous because it was making the party a target for missiles. He insists on proper ladder procedure from Neebs.

Quotes Edit

"If you want a ladder guy, you play by Ladder Guy's rules."

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