Giligorf is a wizard, a rival of Mirdon and sometimes enemy of Doraleous and Associates. He is very easy to offend.


Giligorf is human with a long face. He has pale skin, due to his "dabbling" in dark magic. He is balding and what hair he has is dark grey-green, including beard and eyebrows. He wears an embroidered green robe with purple belt, gold buckle with green stone, and charcoal bracers with purple trim. He carries a staff similar to Mirdon's, with a purple crystal. When he casts magic he is surrounded by a green halo.


Giligorf has cast six spells: column of fire, power beam, river of blood, whirlwind and two spells with unknown names. His greatest importance has been his ability to open a tranny hole.

When Mirdon and Giligorf fought with power beam they appeared to be of approximately equal strength.


Giligorf is first encountered by Mirdon, Sir Walken and Thesaurus, on his way to join a Giopi attack on the Geigh Kingdom. It appears he has been hired for the job as a mercenary, rather than fighting out of any particular loyalty to the Giopis. He takes offence at Mirdon's advice not to join the Giopis, fights a wizardly duel with Mirdon, loses and departs.

Later, Giligorf is helping the Old World Wizard by opening a tranny hole to the Old World. He is again defeated by Mirdon and thrown back into the Old World.


"I can quit whenever I want. Are you judging me?"

"You can't stop me Mirdon, none of you can stop me, I will destroy you."