Season OneEdit

Number Name Summary Recurring Characters
1 Open for Business Doraleous cuts short his first meeting to ask the Lady of the Lake for the Zephyr Blade. Lady of the Lake
2 The War Room Mirdon's efforts to resurrect a cat disrupt the meeting. none
3 The Troll Bridge A troll will allow D&A to pass only if they can guess his name. Marty
4 The Wetalds D&A agree to a battle of champions. King Calas, Leslie, Titanus, Wetald King
5 Worst vs Worst A battle of unchampions. King Calas, Leslie, Wetald King
6 Mightopolis The royal guards will not allow D&A to see the king. none
7 The Dungeon D&A singing in the Mightopolis dungeon. Do you see a bitch? The universe says no. Old Man
8 Unexpected Gift D&A find a wooden horse outside Doraleous Castle. Doraleous rescues a boy wizard and argues with Sir Walken about sword hygiene. King Calas, Our Day Gang
9 Party Canceled D&A argue about moving the wooden horse and talk with the boy wizard. King Calas
10 Secret of the Zephyr Blade Doraleous asks the Lady of the Lake for the real Zephyr blade. Neebs, Mirdon and Drak argue about what to do with the horse. King Calas, Lady of the Lake, Prince of Hyleria
11 Digger Town En route to the Meh Kingdom, Mirdon buys a new crystal for his staff. none
12 Hero Punctuation The Kingdom of Meh is unimpressed with Doraleous' efforts to help them. This might be a good thing. none
13 The Pyramites Doraleous goes to the aid of the very friendly and helpful Pyramites. none
14 Dongo Tavern D&A chat to girls and the proprietor of Dongo Tavern. King Calas
15 Girl in Mightopolis Neebs signs Doraleous up as a gladiator. Drak and Mirdon speak with a fortune teller. Fortune Teller, Leslie
16 Gladiator Doraleous helps Leslie battle a graboonie. Leslie, Wetald King
17 Arzon Prison Sir Walken tells D&A about the prisoner of Arzon. none
18 No Horse for Walken An old man is hunting a terrible beast. Old Man
19 Goodbye Drak D&A bid farewell to one of their own. Neebs hires a replacement. Ladder Guy
20 The Cayous Ramparts Doraleous tries to negotiate a peace. Ladder Guy, Testaclees
21 Old World Gate In the aftermath of an attack from the Old World, Doraleous meets old friends and Mirdon speaks to the dead. Ladder Guy
22 Brothers of the Old World D&A investigate the Brothers of the Old World. Ladder Guy, Old World Wizard
23 Battle in Dongo D&A fight the Brothers of the Old World. Old World Wizard
24 The Theatre A performance of A Good Knight's Quest, by Billiam Wiggledart. King Calas
25 Drak is Back D&A must defend their comrade against a monster hunter. Lady of the Lake
26 Geigh Kingdom A messenger turtle from the Queer village summons D&A to the Geigh Kingdom. Geigh General, Titanus
27 Neebs vs Titanus Titanus returns from the dead for revenge on Neebs. Broof and Walken mock a strange wizard with puns. Geigh General, Meelog, Titanus
28 vs Giopes D&A rescue the surviving Queers from a Giopi army, with the aid of a gigantic beast. none
29 Last Straw Doraleous fires Neebs and hires a replacement. Our Day Gang, Prince of Hyleria, Testaclees
30 Battle of Hyleria D&A fight the wooden army alongside Testaclees. Meelog, Prince of Hyleria, Testaclees
31 Self Struggle Testiclees asks the Lady of the Lake for the Zephyr Blade. Lady of the Lake, Testaclees
32 Wizard Duel Mirdon fights a wizardly duel with an old colleague. Geigh General, Gilagorf, Testaclees
33 Giope Invasion D&A aid the Geigh Kingdom against the Giopes. Geigh General
34 Black Cloaks Drak, Mirdon and Thesaurus confront the Black Cloaks. Doraleous and Broof visit Broof's grandmother. none
35 Anphrony Someone is killing Broof's comrades, the Legapur Nine. none
36 Fortune Teller The fortune teller has disturbing news for Doraleous. Neebs becomes a broom salesman. Fortune Teller

Season TwoEdit

The animation of Season Two was funded through Kickstarter.

Number Name Summary Recurring Characters
37 Doraleous Returns D&A rescue one of the Legapur Nine, while Neebs meets a captured king. King Otto, Meelog
38 Meowdusa D&A fight an endearing monster. none
39 The Missing King King Neebs. King Otto
40 Damsel on a Budget When Olga has a problem, D&A agree to help her out on the cheap cheap. Marty
41 Immortal Prisoner Doraleous and Olga share a high five; Walken investigates Arzon prison. none
42 Hanging Galliver Galliver is about to be unjustly hung... not if D&A can help it. none
43 The Immagitchu Doraleous finds that he has been kidnapped, and is about to have to cross the forest containing the dreaded Immagitchu. King Otto, Our Day Gang
44 Titanus' Revenge Neebs fights Titanus; The Lady of the Lake gives Doraleous the Zephyr Blade. Lady of the Lake, Titanus
45 Walking Dead A horrifying disease has a disgusting cure. none
46 Doraleous Hunters Calas hires a hunter to capture D&A. King Calas
47 Wetald's Speech D&A once again find themselves in the Wetald village on the brink of war, confronted with ... Wesley. Leslie, Wetald King
48 Duke of Welfaré D&A ambushed by the Duke of Welfaré, Neebs gets kidnaped by the Brotherhood of the Old World. Ladder Guy, Old Man
49 Tranny Hole #4 The final epic battle between the Brotherhood of the Old World and D&A. Gilagorf, Old World Wizard

Additional EpisodeEdit

Number Name Summary Recurring Characters
50 The Wonder Bridge An assault on Doraleous Castle is distracted by other objectives. none
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