Drak was a founding associate of Doraleous and Associates. He has remained a member ever since except for a period when he was believed to be dead. In fact he had contracted lycanthropy.


Drak, speaking in his lame, high-pitched voice.


Drak is a fat bearded dwarf with a squeaky voice. He wears little armour, even by the standards of the other barbarian characters such as Broof: a skull cap, loin cloth and baldric. He usually fights with a small axe in each hand, these can be thrown but are more commonly used in close combat.

On full moons Drak tends to transform into a large shaggy brown semi-humanoid creature.


Drak is a natural follower, always helpful and eager to assist. He is also extravagant in his praise of Doraleous, at one time saying Doraleous is "his brain". Some characters, in particular Mirdon and Neebs, accuse him of being a sycophant. But his behaviour is more consistent with genuine hero-worship of Doraleous

When killed by a were-creature he rose from the grave. Horrified at his affliction, he took himself away from Doraleous and Associates and was ready to be killed until ordered to return by Doraleous. In were form Drak remains protective of Doraleous, though less intelligent and communicative.


Drak as a Wear-Bear, Doraleous and Associates.