Doraleous and Associates (Team)
Doraleous & Associates2.0
Team statistics
Team Leader(s) Doraleous
Members Drak, Mirdon, Neebs
Former Members Thesaurus, Ladder Guy
Base of Operations Doraleous Castle
Alignment Heroes
Status Active

Doraleous and Associates is a team of heroes. Their mission is usually stated by Doraleous to be to defend Nudonia or to bring peace to Nudonia.

Its normal membership is Doraleous (the leader) and the three associates DrakMirdon and Neebs. At times this has varied: Drak was dead or believed dead for a time; Neebs recruited Ladder Guy as a replacement for Drak and Doraleous allowed him to come on a mission on a trial basis; Neebs was fired by Doraleous and restored for a trial period before being reinstated fully and Thesaurus was recruited to replace Neebs, later resigning to become a wonder broom salesman.

In addition Doraleous makes use of at least one and probably two consultants: Broof and Sir Walken. Each of these in some sense outranks Doraleous: Broof is more famous and a greater warrior; Sir Walken has a knightly title that Doraleous appears to lack. This may be why they are not associates.

The base of operations for Doraleous and Associates is Doraleous Castle. Doraleous' ownership of a castle may be one reason why he is the leader, rather than Sir Walken or Broof. Ownership of a castle does not, however, seem to translate into wealth: Doraleous and Associates are often poor to the point of having inadequate equipment, lacking horses and even going hungry.

Doraleous and Associates have defended Wetald Village, destroyed the affably evil Pyramites, defeated the Brothers of the Old World (twice), defended Hyleria, rescued the surviving Queers, destroyed a Giopi army and raised the curse of the Meowdusa.